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Welcome to CrossFit Nelspruit

What makes us Nelsparta and what makes you a Nelspartan? Attitude! CrossFit Nelspruit is more than a Gym, it is more than a Box. We are a community, a support system, a family. #Thesearemypeople!

Are you looking to take to make a positive lifestyle change, to invest in your fitness and your health? Are you looking for inspiration and motivation to be the best version of you? 

Our goal is to help you achieve your goals. Yes you; the every day guy and gal looking to improve your fitness, mobility, endurance, the athlete hoping to improve your game, the CrossFitter striving for your next PB.

We are not an everyday gym, nor are we limited by what gym routines and machines offer. "When people walk in and ask 'where are the machines' I smile and answer 'we are the machines." Join us and realise your full potential!

 Forging Elite Fitness is our Passion!